About HSNet

HSNet is a free website available to anyone looking for a service in NSW. The site is mobile-ready and works on any internet-enabled device including tablets and smartphones, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

For professionals in the human and justice sector, HSNet also offers free membership with access to resources and tools to improve communication and collaboration in the delivery of services to communities in NSW.

The components of HSNet are:

  • Search – a comprehensive directory of human and justice services across NSW, searching is open to the public and available from any internet-enabled device. Registered members can save favourite services for easy retrieval.
  • Groups – a collection of private and public collaboration spaces where users can find information from around the sector. Registered members can post articles and events to the HSNet community, as well as create their own groups for private collaboration.
  • Capacity – a handy traffic light in the service directory where services can display their current availability, allowing users to quickly and easily place clients.
  • Referral – a secure network where users can refer a client from service to service and track the progress of the referral. For registered members only, this tool is only visible to users that have been setup as Referrers by HSNet.

Why use HSNet?

  • Search – search our database of over 65,000 support services across NSW covering health, disability, aged care, welfare, community, education, legal and housing.  Each service displays detailed information including opening hours, fees, requirements for eligibility, where the service is delivered and whether it’s registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). HSNet assists families in making informed choices about their support needs.  Each service has been validated as an authentic provider and is updated regularly by HSNet.
  • Groups – find job vacancies, useful resources and community events posted by the HSNet community. Register for membership and subscribe to interest groups already active on HSNet, or to create a new group for your workplace, service area or interagency. All HSNet groups come equipped with a newsfeed for sharing links and files, and a calendar to track meetings and events.
  • Capacity – register to use the capacity management system on HSNet and let visitors know when you have availability, are at capacity or somewhere in between. You nominate the frequency of updates when you register and HSNet will send you a reminder when it's coming up. 
  • Referral – refer clients securely between services using your HSNet account. Electronic referrals on HSNet contribute to best practices by:
    • Introducing common referral protocols between services.
    • Streamlining the client‘s experience by ensuring their details are accurately transferred between providers.
    • Enabling referral tracking to monitor the progress of a referral once it is sent.
    • Being available 24/7 improving workload management by allowing referrals to be made and monitored at a time that best suits the user, accommodating shift workers, part timers and the average busy schedule.
    • Reinforcing security measures through a clear consent process and using a secure encrypted form.
    • Allowing SMS and email tracking of referrals to be sent directly to clients, letting them know how their referral is progressing.

Our Partners

HSNet is a cross sector initiative of the NSW Government. The website is administered and supported by the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ).

HSNet User Statistics

HSNet measures site use data on a regular basis to learn how the site is being used and how we can make improvements that better support you and your organisation.  All the data we gather is de-identified and sourced from Infoxchange, the HSNet Team, DCJ Digital and HSNet Google Analytics. In the spirit of openness, the most recent HSNet quarterly dashboard, service search maps/bar graphs are available here for your information. We hope you find this information useful.

HSNet Quarterly Dashboard and Search data.