Capacity Management

Register to display your service's current Capacity by following this simple process:

Step 1:

Search for your services in the HSNet directory:

Choose from the list of services exactly which programs you would like to register to display capacity. 

Step 2:

Complete a separate Capacity Management Registration form for each program or service you want to register.


Fax or Email the forms to HSNet
F 02 9765 3141
E [email protected]

Capacity Display Image


By displaying your service capacity you allow other HSNet users to quickly and easily check whether you are accepting new clients.

Capacity is demonstrated using a traffic light system. Each traffic light is accompanied by a brief text description indicating availability:

  • Green – Capacity available
  • Amber – Call for availability
  • Red – No available capacity

Services are also given the option of additional customised text to elaborate on their capacity, eg. “Call for availability - four week wait period applies,” “Manage Your Money workshop - three places remain.”