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Navigation and Searching
Membership and Capacity Management
Users and Groups
Using and Managing Groups


Membership and Capacity Management
HSNet Factsheet - User Policies November 2018
Home Dashboard - Overview Reference Guide v2.0 2019
Home Dashboard Referral enabled - Overview Reference Guide v0.1
Home Dashboard Customise the Dashboard - Overview Reference Guide v0.1
Manage My Profile - Reference Guide v2.0 2019
Install HSNet as an icon on your phone

HSNet Service Directory - Narrated video tutorial


Navigation and Searching
Help - Search the Directory
Help - Service Directory Details
Service Directory – Overview Reference Guide v1.0
Search – Report an Error QRG v1.0
Search – Private only Service Details QRG v1.0
Provider – Provider Self Maintenance QRG v1.0


Users and Groups
Using and Managing Groups
Groups - Overview Reference Guide - Member v2.0 2019
Groups - Overview Reference Guide - Moderator v1.1
Groups - Create a Group v1.1
Groups - Request Group Membership QRG v1.0
Groups - Invite a Colleague to a Group QRG v1.0
Groups - Accept or Reject Group Membership Request QRG v1.0
Groups - Create a Post QRG v2.0 2019
Groups - Create an Event QRG v1.0
Groups - Edit a Post QRG v2.0 2019
Groups - Edit an Event QRG v1.0
Groups - Reply to a Post QRG v2.0 2019
Groups - Manage Existing Group Members QRG v1.1
Groups - Update Group Details QRG v1.0
Groups - Group Moderation QRG v1.0


Register to send/receive electronic referrals on HSNet by completing the HSNet Referral Statement of Agreement and the HSNet Referral Registration forms.

Referral - Overview Reference Guide - General v1.1
Referral - Create a Referral QRG v1.1
Referral - Copy a Referral QRG v1.0
Referral - Accept or Reject a Referral QRG v1.0
Referral - Create a Broadcast Referral QRG v1.0
Referral - Request service as a public user QRG v1.0
Referral - Referral Reports QRG v1.0

Accept or Reject Referral - Narrated video tutorial
Create a Referral - Narrated video tutorial



Register to display your service capacity on HSNet by completing and returning the Capacity Management Registration form to [email protected] or fax to 02 9765 3141. Once your request is received by HSNet you will be contacted to setup your account.

Membership and Capacity Management
Capacity – Viewing Capacity (User) QRG v1.0
Capacity – Updating Capacity QRG v1.0