FAQ - General FAQs

  • Further information about services provided - If your question is related to services provided by an organisation or verifying details, you will need to make direct contact with that organisation.
  • Issues with service information displayed - If you notice that the details of a service may not be correct, choose the Report an error link at the top of the page.
  • A form is launched and you can provide further details about the issue.  Once submitted the HSNet team will action the advice and appropriate changes will be made with approval from the service.
  • HSNet website query - If your question is related to the HSNet site you can contact HSNet on telephone 02 9765 5260 or email[email protected].  All feedback is welcome.

By clicking "High Contrast Mode" located in the top right corner of the screen you can change the contrast of the page.

By using shortcut keys used for any website to increase/decrease font size ie.Ctrl + (increase font size) or Ctrl – (decrease font size)

Sight Readers can be used with the Service Directory and HSNet site.

Service information found in the service directory is public information and can be viewed by all members of the community.

As a member of the HSNet site the material published by the owner is for non-profit use only and may not be re-sold, re-distributed or re-transmitted without the prior written consent of the material owner. As an HSNet member you are bound by the terms and conditions of the web site.

If a colleague or friend is interested in the content published to the HSNet site they can apply for membership to HSNet if they are working in the human or justice service sector.

Click on the '?' button to access context sensitive help at any time. If you cannot find what you are looking for on the online help pages you can also contact HSNet Support via email [email protected] or call 02 9765 5260. HSNet Support is available 8am-6pm Monday – Friday.

No. All visitors to the HSNet website can search for services and view Public groups on HSNet without registering for an HSNet membership. To access the full range of features available you will need to register for membership.

To be eligible for full HSNet membership, you must be employed by a Service Provider, Government Department, Local Council or registered as a Private Practitioner in the human or justice sector in NSW.

This includes employees in the following areas: Homelessness, Health, Aged Care, Housing, Community Services, Home Care, Social Justice, Youth, Disability and Education.

If you are a Private Practitioner or a Sole Trader you will be asked to give evidence of your accreditation with the relevant Governing Body.

Human Services Network (HSNet) is a free secure website that provides:

  • the general public access to find support services from the service directory
  • ​members the ability to exchange and share information in a secure environment using groups
  • members the ability to make client referrals to participating service providers

The HSNet website can be accessed from any internet-enabled device including tablets and phones.