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Tania PD McInnes posted in School-Link Illawarra and South East

11th Sep 14, 02:47 PM

OECD warns 3yr olds in Australia missing out on early ed.: source: 10/9/14 - Community Child Care Co-operative NSW [shortside=[email protected]]; on behalf of; Community Child Care Co-operative NSW [[email protected]]

"OECD warns that three year olds in Australia are missing out on early education
Education at a Glance: OECD Indicators which shows the state of education around the world was released today.
It shows that Australia spends less on early education, three year olds are less likely to be engaged in early education, and most expenditure on early education comes from private, not public funds.
• Though enrolment in pre-primary education has increased and investment per student is high, enrolment and overall investment remain below the OECD average.
• It is rare in Australia for children to enter into pre-primary education at the age of three, with just 18% of 3-year-olds enrolled, compared with 70% on average across OECD.
• The enrolment rate of 4-year-olds in Australia increased by more than 20 percentage points to 76% between 2005 and 2012, but this rate remains well below the OECD average of 84%.
• Annual expenditure on pre-primary education (for 3-year-olds and older) is higher than the average for OECD .
• Expenditure on pre-primary education accounts for an average of 0.6% of GDP across OECD countries. However, in Australia only 0.1% of GDP is spent on pre-primary education
• The comparatively low aggregate spending in Australia reflects early childhood education programmes typically starting at a later age and being shorter in duration.
• In most OECD countries, most spending on early childhood education comes from
public funding: 81% versus 19% from private funding.
• In Australia, private expenditure exceeds
public on early childhood institutions, with 55% coming from private and 45% from public.
For more information click here.
Community Child Care Co-operative (NSW) calls on the Australian and NSW Governments to take action to acheive better outcomes for Australian children.
CCCC will continue, as always, to advocate for increased investment to ensure Australian children have as much access to early education as their peers in other OECD countries do. "