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Tania PD McInnes posted in School-Link Illawarra and South East

19th Feb 13, 09:28 PM

Professionals alert: reading and literacy: "Literacy in the 21st-century is more than reading and writing – it’s also about reading and analysing digital messages and media environments.

If that sounds daunting, it might help parents to know that literacy begins with reading and storytelling with their children.

More than reading
Reading is one way to create language and literacy experiences for babies and children. Telling stories and singing songs are also great for developing early literacy skills.

Developing literacy
Before children can read and write, they need to understand speech, print and pictures. Parents have a vital role to play in helping their children develop these skills.

Media and digital literacy
Media and digital literacy is being able to access, understand, question, critically analyse, evaluate and create media, such as DVDs, photographs, print and online content.

Teenagers online
Teenagers spend a lot of time online. What they do there gets a lot of bad press. But being part of the online world has lots of pluses for teen self-identity, learning and social life.

Feature videos: play and learning
Reading is a fun way to help kids learn. These videos have more ideas for play and learning – play for kids 3-5 years, play for kids 18-35 months and play for kids 7-17 months.

RCN on the go
RCN is now mobile! Parents can take the parenting website they trust wherever they go. If they want ideas for a healthy family dinner, or need to know if a movie will suit their child, or want to listen to a parenting podcast on the train – it’s all in the palm of their hand.

Let’s Read!
Let’s Read supports families across Australia in sharing words, rhymes, songs, books and stories with their children.

Resources include reading tip sheets and book suggestion sheets for children aged 0-5 years.

Raising Children is proudly affiliated with Let’s Read.

RCN is now regularly adding parenting info to Facebook. You can also interact directly with the Raising Children Network team. So become a fan today! Find them Facebook