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Tania PD McInnes posted in School-Link Illawarra and South East

19th Feb 15, 01:25 PM

Raising Children Updates - For professionals - Adult relationships: Consider signing up for these updates direct..see base of info :)

"Becoming a parent can change the important relationships in people’s lives. There’s the joy of watching children grow and develop, but there can be a lot less time for parents and their partners.
What can they do to nurture relationships with partners? Listening and talking together and parenting as a team are great ways to start.

Parents and partners: relationship tips

Family relationships: keeping them strong

Friends and friendships for grown-ups

Video: how children change relationships

Podcast: how to manage conflict
Get tips from psychologist Warren Cann on sorting out adult conflicts constructively. Children can benefit when they see parents resolving differences in this way.

Parenting as a team
Our Relationship Toolkit has tips on acceptance, listening, talking, backing each other up, problem-solving and managing conflict.

(Raising Children are) "now regularly adding parenting info to Facebook. You can also interact directly with the Raising Children Network team. So become a fan today! Find us on Facebook

To sign up for these updates or for parents re development of their growing children:

Your professional feedback
Tell us what you think of the website by taking a five-minute survey. Our section on raising children to teenagers is a work in progress and we value your thoughts on age and decision-making. Share your feedback by taking the professionals survey on granting independence: