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Suicide Bereavement Support Group - Open Group

When: 05 Mar 2021, 06:30 pm to 05 Mar 2021, 08:30 pm

Where: Lifeline Macarthur - Smeaton Grange

Whether the suicide was a recent experience or one that happened many years ago the Suicide Bereavement Support Group can help.
Our Support Group will assist you to break down the silence that locks away the guilt, shame, anger, intense pain and the “Why”
The Group is a safe place to share your thoughts, ideas and feelings with others who understand the enormity of your loss.
The Group meets monthly and is a open group.

The Group is structured so that those bereaved can share their experience as well as being supported in managing and moving through their grief.

For more information or to register for group please contact

Jenny Holmes
[email protected]
Anne Rogers
[email protected]

Phone: (02) 4645 7200

Contact name: 
Jenny Holmes
Contact phone: 
4645 7216
Contact email: 

Posted 5 Jan 2021 08:55am by Ryan Roumieh

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