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Brendan Bennett posted in Community Announcements

19th Feb 20, 09:30 AM

Tackling the Challenge - Talking Men's Health (TTC)

The TTC project collects stories from men in South Western Sydney about how they have overcome any challenge in their life and the help seeking they used along the way. Sharing stories of getting through these times can help other men in the community.

Examples of stories could include – mental illness, migration, unemployment, divorce, grief, isolation, addiction, physical health conditions and chronic illness.

Stories are co-written with participants and published in local newspapers and social media. Other options include podcast and radio media. Men need to be comfortable and ready to share their story but they can be anonymous.

If you would like to be involved or for more information call 8738 5983 or email [email protected]

Final TTC postcard.pdf (1002.39 KB)