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Focus of the DIsability Inclusion Network Central Coast (DINCC)

1. To ensure the progression of disability inclusion in mainstream services across the Central Coast Region through increased engagement with the people in the community with lived experience of disability
2. To create a platform for mainstream service agencies to collaborate, coordinate and innovate to develop and implement disability inclusion strategies and actions.
3. To adopt an alliance strategy that provides a forum for mainstream services and key partners to work collectively on disability inclusion while ensuring it does not usurp the role of a body properly constituted from the community (or parts thereof) to advocate and activate on its own behalf.
4. To support a unifying program/activity planning and development from the various mainstream service agencies and key partners to create partnership opportunities to mutually amplify various outputs and/or outcomes for people with lived experience of disability.
5. To achieve broader inclusive service provision and improved health and wellbeing, and economic and social participation of people with a disability, their support person, carers and families in the Central Coast region.
6. As a separate body representing the unified will of the contributing mainstream agencies service and key partners, explore opportunities for advocacy, health promotion and prevention can be realised.
7. To be recognised as leaders in implementing, meeting and progressing the legislated requirements of disability inclusion included, but not limited to the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth) and NSW Disability Inclusion Act 2014.


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