Join the HSNet Referral Network by following this simple process:

Step 1:

Search for your services in the HSNet directory:

Choose from the list of services exactly which programs you would like to register for electronic referral. 

Step 2:

Complete a separate Referral Registration form for each program or service you want to register.

Step 3:

Complete a single Statement of Agreement form for your Workplace or Team.

Fax or Email the forms to HSNet
F 02 9765 3141
E [email protected]


HSNet Referrals are quick, easy and completely FREE.

Using your HSNet account you can securely refer a client to any service in the network, then monitor the progress of that referral via computer, tablet or smartphone.

Referral registration requires an HSNet membership. You must meet the eligibility criteria for HSNet membership in order to register for referrals. Check the eligibility criteria in the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you're not yet a member of HSNet you will be granted membership as part of the registration process.